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Samba ActiveDirectory issues since last update on 24/4/2016
Mittwoch, 04. Mai 2016
If some of you use a samba server as member server within an actice directory  you might encounter some problems with authentication. System facts:  - ubuntu x64  14.04 LTS - smba 2:4.3.8-dfsg-0   The last update of my samba ( NAS ) server, provided via landscape, has broken my authentication against AD.  I was able to connect to my shares  with  AD user credentials if the client was not... Weiterlesen...
Madsonic ImageService online >> Part II
Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2015
I am happy to announce :  My current project  >>> Madsonic NowPlaying ImageService 
PHP ImageWorkshop - Part II
Donnerstag, 08. Januar 2015
Building your own script manupulating images - incl. writing with truetypefonts on them -  makes fun. Really.  The GD lib  working with php and IIS on a Win 2012 R2 server offers an really great performance and high quality pics.  BUT ... If you switch your operative environment from IIS to apache ( MS  to Linux ) then you will encounter a problem driving you mad.  I really can't explain... Weiterlesen...
PHP ImageWorkshop imagefromURL
Mittwoch, 24. Dezember 2014
Hi guys, ever wondered, why the hell you are not able to use the PHP ImageWorkshop  with  images from urls ? The solution is quite simple. You start a new imagehandlig with i.e. $FirstLayer = new ImageWorkshop(array('imageFromPath' => __DIR__.$path_style.'/transparent.png')); The scripts wants a path ( on your local machine ). An URL cannot be found locally. This forced me to have a look an... Weiterlesen...
Madsonic ImageService online
Dienstag, 23. Dezember 2014
Madsonic ImageService -beta-  is online !! A couple of days and nights are over and i'm ready to launch my new project to the public . My new project is all about madsonic and subsonic. Those of you having thier own server or having access to an server accessable  via internet are now able to get "NowPlaying" pictures. You can user them for your website , email or board signature. The system is... Weiterlesen...